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User Supplied format string bug
More info on format bugs  
Pascal Bouchareine
July 2000
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Format String Attacks
Tim Newsham
Guardent Inc, September 2000 
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Incomplete text.
Format Bugs: What are they, Where did they come from,...How to exploit them  
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Exploiting the Libc Locale Subsystem Format String Vulnerability on Solaris/SPARC
Solar Eclipse
November 2000 
Intresting, but the first exploit code for this vulnerability was made by who discover it: CORE SDI
glibc-2.1.2's printf segfaults on unreasonable format string. 
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Read this, *printf implementation bugs are other way to exploit usfs vulnerability.
 The Open Group, fprintf, printf, snprintf, sprintf - print formatted output  ,Copyright © 1997  
The Single UNIX ® Specification, Version 2 
Learn to use printf after trying to exploit it :)